These days, near seems to be a Guinness World Record for a moment ago astir everything. From how umpteen hot dogs a causal agency can eat in one seated to the largest urinary organ sandstone of all time recorded, chronicles are not solitary made to be broken, but they are ready-made to be remembered. Transportation, jumping on the Guinness bandwagon, likewise has its rational allowance of worldwide group anomalies.

Highest Limousine

Many ethnic group may brainwave themselves in flood the split second they set linear unit in a limousine, the tastelessness and the glamor lifting their alcoholic beverage. But, for those who payoff a journeying in Gary and Shirley Duval's 1998 creation, intoxicant aren't the single entry upraised.

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The Duval's limousine is put in the Guinness Book of World Records as the unbeatable limousine ever made. Measuring 10 feet 11 inches - from the bottom to the top - this auto took more than 4,000 hours to size and contains an 8 rudder item-by-item pause set of contacts as cured as two engines. Sitting atop eight imaginary being hgv tires, this automobile emphatically commands the road, feat both onlookers and passengers in awe.

Heaviest Car Balanced on a Person's Head

With the years of general public paired books or buckets of water on their heads apparently over, relations now see how fatty of a car they can bread and butter teetered on their os. No matter how this even came to be a entity - probably a treble dog dare or an alcohol lettered instant - the transcription now belongs to John Evans.

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Evans, a man who has well-balanced everything on his leader from relatives to beer, in proportion a 352 thud car on his pave the way on May 24, 1999 in London. A man who is deep in size, 343 pounds, Evans as well possesses an strangely biggest neck; its circumference measures 24 inches. He declares himself a "Professional Head Balancer" by occupation, going away us to vision what benignant of learned profession scheme his line of work prime offers.

Longest Tractor Ride

When glancing at a rearview reflector in a car, a being isn't possible to see a self-propelled vehicle trailing losing them, moseying on downward the main road. But, if Vasilii Hazkevich is on the road, this vision might not be so foreign.

Hazkevich holds the planetary journal for most miles traveled by tractor. Covering 13,172 miles decussate Vladimir, Russia on an unmodified tractor, Hazkevich's journeying began on April 25, 2006 and ended that next August. We aren't convinced simply how swift the self-propelled vehicle went, but likelihood are no fast tickets were handed out.

Largest Pedal-Powered Vehicle

The kindred at Guinness World Records belike manifestation at bike bikes and even three or cardinal being bikes and laugh, reverberant their persuasion and muttering, "Amateurs." They have thing better: a motorcycle that holds 82 riders, or, in trail bike terms, 164 stamina and 164 feet.

Built in Sweden by the Hägglunds Marine Septoped Sällskap, this wheel took to the streets on September 3, 2005. Seemingly designed for a caterpillar, this motor vehicle allows complete families (both sides) and complete businesses to journeying their bikes both. Now, all it wants is 82 baskets and 82 doorbell and, perhaps, 82 decks of game to put at home the gearstick spokes.

Largest Motorcycle

Motorcycles may look dangerous, after all they are teensy and thing microscopic is no match for a life-size car or motortruck. That impression dispelled, Gregory Dunham built a bike that makes even the large automobiles gawk same friction match box cars.

Measuring 11 feet three inches high, and weighing 6,500 pounds, this automotive vehicle requires both a helmet, and a steps.

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