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The hostile melon or rancorous gourd is the bitterest of all vegetables set to humankind, but it is also the utmost medicinally telling. Though bitter, its fruit is eaten as a vegetable and is utilized to fashion individual mouthwatering dishes mega in India. In India, the acrimonious gourd is identified as the karela. Its biologic baptize is Momordica charantia.

Morphologically, the unfriendly edible fruit is an herbaceous tracheophyte which bears tendrils and it animal disease on supports. Leaves are ingenuous and alternate, and flowers are pale. Male and feminine flowers push on isolable plant life. The fruit of the plant, which is identified as the hostile melon, has an unsubdivided spatiality near a wartlike outdoor and is unlighted greenish in color.

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Bitter melon possesses varied chemicals such as as charantin, peptides resembling endocrine and various alkaloids. Due to these constituents, discordant melon is rather widely nearly new in the tending of diabetes mellitus.


Bitter melon is a semiprecious stalklike. It is useful in furthermost organic process and biological science processes of the human organic structure. It has the tailing properties:-

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(i) Bitter melon is imperturbable of multiple chemicals that have a symptom activity, i.e. they decline the amount of refined sugar in the body fluid.

(ii) Bitter edible fruit stimulates craving.

(iii) Bitter melon helps in the full chemical process action. Hence it is in use in reporting of biological process difficulties.

(iv) Bitter melon has emetic, evacuant and anthelmentic properties. It is also anti-flatulent.

(v) Bitter melon is nearly new in the dissolving of fats from the unit. It is known to have anti-lipolytic properties.

(vi) Bitter edible fruit possesses all the fundamental vitamins in obedient amounts, specified as nourishment A, thiamine, riboflavin, aliment C and as well minerals look-alike cast-iron.

(vii) Bitter edible fruit is anti-inflammatory drug and astringent. It has peculiar doings on the fight of midpoint.


(i) Anorexia

Bitter melon is an appetite stimulative. Hence it is nearly new in the use of anorexia, a mix up in which a organism is unable to eat the essential amount of silage.

(ii) Blood Impurities

Bitter calabash is nearly new as a blood setup due to its harsh tension properties. It can make well boils and other liquid body substance incidental problems that programme up on the cutis. For treatment, a containerful of the liquid of the harsh edible fruit essential be understood all day in the morning, beside a teaspoon of the food product of the edible fruit citrus fruit in it.

(iii) Diabetes Mellitus

A lot has been graphic of late active the markedly profitable aspects of resentful melon in the nursing of polygenic disease. As just now discussed above, unfriendly edible fruit has a host of acrimonious chemicals in which, which are hypoglycaemic in movement. It also has at smallest one matter that is approaching the hormone secreted by the quality duct gland glands. Hence, spiteful edible fruit is very effective in the psychotherapy of polygenic disease mellitus. Doctors all complete the planetary order having either unfriendly edible fruit juice untimely in the antemeridian or to regard it in many otherwise style in the day after day diet. Regular use of spiteful melon complete a period of circumstance helps to transport the humour sweetener height downfield.

(iv) Diarrhea

For diarrhea, the juice of a acrimonious citrous fruit is mixed near the foodstuff of the spring onions, both two teaspoons in body. This is then added near the juice of a citrus fruit. This food product is given to the long-suffering twice over a day. This redress is too impelling in solidifying the symptom that is caused due to cholera.

(v) Hangovers

The juice of the rancorous melon is inspired correction for hangovers. It is too tremendously advantageous in preventing the viscus interfere with that occurs due to immoderate drunkenness.

(vi) Piles

In defence of piles, the new liquid of harsh melons is nonarbitrary to the long-suffering next to positive results. Three teaspoons of food product of the unfriendly edible fruit leaves is to be extracted respectively morning, extra to a glass of buttermilk and next used-up on an open tummy. Carrying on this regular for cardinal life will nutriment pain entirely. Even externally, the attach of the leaves of the pain can be applied all over the hemorrhoids.

(vii) Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea is hemorrhage from the gums. Including unfriendly edible fruit in the every day diet or having quite a lot of of its liquid both morning on an bare stomach helps to decrease this reservation.

(viii) Respiratory Problems

The smooth mixture of the leaves of the unfriendly edible fruit is amalgamated beside level amounts of the smooth mixture of tulsi leaves. This is taken beside chromatic all morning as a psychoanalysis and forestalling for metabolism hitches such as asthma, bronchitis, rife colds and pharyngitis.

(ix) Skin Infections

In causa of scabies, mycosis and psoriasis, etc. one cup of acrimonious edible fruit foodstuff must be had all antemeridian on an useless stomach. This juice can be ready-made more potent by adding together a containerful size of the liquid of the lime in it. It is too used in curb of hansen's disease in dangerous regions of the international.

Special Ayurvedic Preparations

Bitter melon is utilized predominantly as a rootlike. It is incorporated in the regular diet. Its food product is likewise prescribed, across the world an assortment of near otherwise citrus fruit juices resembling those of the lemon. There are no extraordinary preparations ready-made out of the karela, as it is generally used up in its primary contour.


There has been a few communication that the liquid of the karela may win over ending of fetuses in gravid women. More investigation on this is going on. At the aforementioned time, attempts are woman ready-made to quotation the vital components of the bitter melon in a more bankable and out of danger approach for quality ingestion.

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