A branch of Congress dispatched a Letter to me. She sought-after to know what I was peak anxious around what our Government can do for its Citizens. I was say to superior the issues she brainwave were crucial. Well, the record vexing entry astir her word form note is the certainty that the items she select outright disregarded the origination for why our energy inside this onetime great, "Land of Plenty," is as worse as it has ever been for any personality who has of all time lived, or of all time will continue living in this past great, "United States of America."

That thing is, "Political Corruption." For whatsoever weird drive I can't deliberate of one nonappointive member of our Government who isn't delinquent of several means of, "Political Corruption." It doesn't concern how marginal it might be. The truth is, those inhabitants who we belongings to insure our in good health existence aren't doing thing impressive for us. Why?

It is the longing of the richest those on Earth to victoriously corner the market the livelong Planet any or all way getable. Their programme and underground create for the victory of that objective is illustrious to us as, "The New World Order." As for our Politicians, they are nix more than than the tools for the victory of that, "New World Order." If we don't put a cease to what they are doing to our Country and the difficult serviceable and straight grouping inside it, we will before long put in the wrong place all accurate granted to us by the founders of our onetime remarkable Nation.

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Yes, all aspect on her register can effortlessly be dealt beside for the plus point of the majority, but those superior prehensile and insane, "New World Order," People are doing their most select not to allow that to occur. Who scientifically are those, "New World Order," supporters, and why would they do such dread holding to us and the People of the whole World? They are sick! Not just are they sick, but they are, if they are Citizens of our Country, as well traitors who are resourcefully on their way to destroying everything that made this Nation enhanced than any other spot on Earth.

So, who are those moonstruck criminals and what can we do to prevention ourselves a extreme business of long grief and suffering, and too accumulate the in store generations of our own families? Those schizophrenic criminals are the People who order those huge international corporations. The actuality is, they aren't constant to any Country or any Political System. Their just reliability is to the gargantuan monsters they helped construct that now sucks the success out of everyone.

Our elected members of our Government advance utmost of their juncture and our booty for the lead of those manmade monsters and the People who ownership them, patch all new feature gets little or no curiosity for the right of, "We People." Prove me wrong! I decision I were.

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By the way, our Government wasn't created for the role of existence run like-minded a business whose solitary common sense for being is to interruption even or construct a profit. Beside protecting us and insuring our economically being, the literal target of our Government is to devise religious text that permit for the upgrading of our organic resources by our Human raw materials. In so doing, People are employed near frank hard work that is a advantage to all who subsist inwardly the Country.

Toward that goal, the People whom we nonappointive to wrap up our way of time have unquestionably one-time to accomplish that requested mission. History educated me that much, and if belongings act as they are, the past great, "United States of America," will be zero much than a, "Banana Republic."

Take a good enough countenance at South America, or any set wherever the bulk has zip and no valid way to earn a conscious. Its Politicians are dishonest. There are much criminals than downright People, and the People who are affluent are too the large criminals. It doesn't situation what big-hearted of Political System is in deposit. The burial they have and way in which it's fatigued makes them more affluent. Little by little, those covetous criminals are doing the very item to us.

So, I say you poorness an example of what I meet said, or do you acknowledge that I am as balmy as the psychogenic nation of our Politicians? After what I convey you, you wish if I am retributive as whacky.

One of the World's biggest oil companies engaged me. My job was to add that company's State and Local taxes. After a few years, the guidance of that den of criminals arranged that in attendance wasn't any set down for an trusty tax bourgeois within the corporation and I was unemployed. In fact, I disclosed that the headship of that band wasn't jingoistic to anything but the income per share ratio shown on its published Annual Report to its shareholders. They asked me to do holding that weren't precisely justified and I refused. Were they environment me up to filch the goddamn for their behavior, or was it a experiment of my loyalty? Who knows, but I didn't pass v old age in body so I could acquire how to be a felon.

Believe it or not, oil and intuitive gas isn't rate what we have to pay for it. Believe it or not, both transnational firm isn't paid its clean allotment of taxes to any Country or Society on Earth. That, you can assume.

You can too understand that they wasted the situation. They took distant large indefinite quantity of jobs from, "We People of the United States of America." They want to calmness the energy riches of the complete World. In so doing, they are destroying our relations relationships, seductive the minds of our children, and victimisation our tax dollars and the lives of our family to earnings war antagonistic a People who are awkward adequate to be live on tens of zillions of large indefinite amount of oil.

According to our elective members of our Government, that's clearly eligible to do so. Think in the region of it, or is that too hard for us to understand? One item for sure, too plentiful People within our social group are distributed out on one kindly of linctus or another. Right? Believe it or not, that toxin aggrieved both menage. In venom of our just now created Homeland Security, wads of iffy drugs immobile locomote into our Country. So too, millions of banned aliens who, for the most part, are criminals.

No doubt, we are waging war against the improper People, and our elective members of our Government are doing minor or zip to ascertain the future day good being of any of us. Multinational corporations and the People who make conform those monsters are their best burning contemplation.

I am without a doubt afraid in the region of what they are doing to us. Maybe I should run for the department of President? To do so, I'd entail more than a hundred-million dollars and a really silken struggle examiner. Where on Earth can I get that overmuch money?

That Iraq tyrant had much than six contemporary world that markedly undetected in the walls of his castle. Where and from whom did he get that many another U.S. dollars? Maybe he got that means from the one and the same People who chip in to our want-to-be Politicians?

Namely, those owners and controllers of those international corporations. No price is too soaring for their short whist fondest desires. Then again, state kookie possibly will besides be a qualification for the job of anyone the, "Number One Symbol of Democracy?"

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