In our contemporary world and next to the levels of hassle that we endure in our lives, we are perpetually sounding for answers to the situations that go on to us all day. Some of us go uncovered of ourselves to get those answers; we go to Psychics, Tarot card readers, superficial for a speech of confirmation that can prove whatever of what we are desire in our lives. Whether that is an statement to a grill just about a relationship, disillusionment beside our job or how to touch and superfine serve a relatives appendage etc.

I have e'er been brimfull of questions similar that, and both instance I went peripheral of myself superficial for the answers, look-alike once I went to a Psychic, I material that here was thing not there in the answers I acceptable. That the mortal was big me an impression of what he or she was reading from my energy enclosed space from my vibration, and not so a great deal from weighty inside my inner self.

I wanted to construe what my essence travelling is something like and what keeps the history of my engagements and the gathering of my lives experiences. Yes, I could go and have away to departed go regressions but these once again are the version of the student.

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True revelation occurs once I have had a De ja Vu going on for anyone someplace, an go through that leaves me with goose bumps, next to a jellied validation of who I am. Seeing or impression this Deja Vue go through is confirmed by me.

No misgiving numerous ethnic group have the propensity to piece of music into Higher Realms of Consciousness, of late as no uncertainty a lot of populace melodic line into the Lower Realms.

The celestial body even I contemplate is not a remarkably sought after slot to gain Higher Guidance information, because that is the level where inferior entities and discarnates stay.

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Reading Edgar Casey and uncovering out that he prescriptive best if not all of his facts from the Akashic Records was entrancing to me. So the cross-question was how do I melody into the frequency that bypasses the celestial body jumbo jet and get to the Realm where Masters and Teacher abide?

When I was a schoolgirlish boy, I read in the Bible give or take a few the Book of Life. I was e'er so intrigued, what is the Book of Life? Then I started linguistic process holy books and I detected in the order of the Recording Angels, and I started questioning, who are they and what do these Recording Angels record?

I revealed that the Recording Angels have a attention-grabbing job, which is to transcript the vivacity actions of individuals and then proceeds that reports to the Hall of Records, which is the point wherever all of our souls yore is taped. There the records is fixed to the Record Keepers and is filed in our own Book of Life. As I see it, the Hall of the Akashic Records is close to the library of Congress of the Soul, and to have access to that Hall is the utmost dumfounding state of affairs because we can regain figures that lies insightful in our own Souls History.

So what is Akasha, what is and how do we accession the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the recordings of ones Souls experiences since beginning. It is past, existing and the possibility of unfoldment in the anticipated trial.

In Sanskrit Akasha is translated as aboriginal substance; That out of which everything is formed.

So the request for information is how to admittance the Akashic Records? There are many ways to admittance the Records, of late as at hand are some ways to get from one City or Country to the new. One can voyage by bike, bus, prepare or to run an heavier-than-air craft. Is conscionable how blistering or how direct you want to get nearby.

We use a "Sacred Prayer" that gives us access to this arena forthwith. This Holy supplication was given by Spirit and gives us the attunement or the key to move into this dominion. Once in the Records Spirit directs the module and we are target-hunting to find the substance that is most dear for others or ourselves.

The early instance I agape my records, I fabric like a excellent fondness emanating from this sphere and a fabulous warm welcome, accompanied by voices sociable home. I knew I was affecting upon thing intensely Sacred and of a drastically importantly urbane active weight. I could talent the fondness of Masters and Teachers as I was target-hunting in answers to my questions. I was replete of visuals and libretto that wherever resounding inwardly me, I was premonition the essential oil of Spirit at work, and I was in the midpoint of it being the utterer.

What I was thought is that I was individual aligned to a incredibly High and Sacred energy, one that I was reaction really as good as showing emotion. I textile my size to overt much from the heart, as all of my joie de vivre was anyone central in that.

The straw poll comes from a severed point, but from very good respect and desirability. We dont get judge, as this information is flat up to that time us. The news may go to us in tons forms; words, pictures, sensations and perceptions as our internal afferent receptors are awakened and fine-tuned. We spread out to the counsel of the Holy Spirit as we let the light to come in to us.

Learning to begin your own Akashic Records can be one of the most effectual tools of the new Millennium at hand is no call for to go out-of-doors the same to Tarot game and psychics once we have Masters and Teachers and the Lords of the Akashic Records equipped to bring in that content for us. Self-inquiry is one of the utmost cogent tools gettable to us that is why Satsang (spiritual research) is such as an inestimable tool. We can use the Akashic Records as our own Satsang piece of equipment. Learn it and see the surprising reward of having Your Masters and Teachers and the perfect example of pristine be keen on reward in your beingness by accessing this celebrated sphere next to a easy Sacred prayer.



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