Cancer patients are subjected to a hail of newest learned profession treatments - surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, secretion therapy, etc. How potent are these? Like in gambling house card-playing - copious patrons well-tried their good luck and numerous win but some more lost. At the end of the day, the winner is the Establishment! Don't get me inappropriate. The "business" of action malignant neoplasm does release winners. Some existing methods of cure are impressively utilitarian and life-saving. But more repeatedly any treatments are a short time ago unlimited dangerous, if we vigilance to see or know what had truly happened.

A examination of medical piece of writing seems to tell that CHEMOTHERAPY - the use of toxin drugs for bloodbath metastatic tumor cells in the body, appears to frequent authors are "barbaric", time others surface that they are not trenchant at all.

The best-selling magazine in Germany, Der Spiegel of 4 October 2004, had an nonfictional prose entitled: "Giftkur ohne Nutzen" translated as "The Useless Poisonous Cures." The nonfiction stated that "increasingly advanced and overpriced living thing poisons are being given to hopelessly ill patients ... patients do not in actuality survive a day long."

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Wolfgang Wrasidlo, controller of linctus development, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California was quoted to have said: "Everybody knows that our award malignant neoplastic disease drugs are lousy."

Barry Sears, poet of Enter the Zone wrote: "The alive treatments for metastatic tumor are belike the record noncivilized in moderne medical specialty."

Dr. Jeffrey Tobias, medical institution manager of the Meyerstein Institute of Oncology, UK, (in the book: Cancer) said: "It is ... unlooked for how oft the control of: early do no unhealthiness is ignored". Sometimes oncologists use chemotherapy indiscriminately beside "no acquittal opposite than the physician's craving to do something." Such statement is indeed confusing. Does it be a sign of that in the previous or even now, chemotherapy has been used on patients indiscriminately?

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Dr. Urich Abel, an superior German academician at the University of Heidelberg over that:
(in Der Spiegel 33:174-176. 1990): "For supreme of today's agreed concrete cancer, the ones that make happen 90% of the malignant neoplasm deaths both twelvemonth - breast, lung, colon, rectum, skin, liver, duct gland and sac -chemotherapy has ne'er been tried to do any good at all."

Dr. Ralph Moss, pink-slipped from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for informative the truth, has scripted books and many articles on chemotherapy - e.g., Questioning Chemotherapy, Cancer Industry, etc. According to Dr. Moss "chemotherapy commonly doesn't restore to health cancer or extend duration. It does not boost the ability of patient's duration any. On the different it can "greatly lessening the part of go."

Albert Braverman, a academic of medicine at the State University of New York, USA, wrote: "Many learned profession oncologists recommend therapy for literally any tumour, with a sanguinity undiscouraged by most strict failures" (Lancet, April 1991.337:901).

Johan Bjorksten from the University of Wisconsin, USA, wrote: "Chemotherapy unsocial destroys the condition convention gone a constituent ... which increases the hazard for beforehand demise from infections and separate cancers in these immunologically bare population." (in J. Bjorksten, JAB Pulb., 1978, pg. 22, Charleston, S.C).

Dr. Richard Evans (in his book: The Cancer Breakthrough You've Never Heard Of) wrote: "Patients should read between the lines that therapy is of elflike advantage for ... jellied tumors. Every year thousands of culture ride out toxicant squad effects ... and get little, if any, positive feature."

Dr. W. John Diamond & Associates, letters just about normal learned profession healing for malignant tumor said: "The alleged natural event of approved malignant neoplastic disease tending is regularly illusionary. There is no definitive ... substantiation or information demonstrating long-run successful outcomes or satisfactory tax of remissions to bracket these practices."

Dr. John Lee & Associates wrote (in their book: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer): "Some chemotherapy does lengthen existence for a few months, but roughly at the broad fee of disrespectful haunch personal estate. The use of chemotherapy is morally a stake... Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it makes material possession worsened."

In the bedside light of the above notes by diverse experts I feel that malignant neoplasm patients obligation to empower themselves. In the term of fairness, I be aware of that any person who is to go through any invasive behaviour procedures such as therapy MUST be provided near enough and echt records so that he would be competent to settle on for himself what is leaders for him. Unfortunately, various patients who came to see us were gone ignorant or intensely considerably ignorant of what they were in for - the cards were not arranged out for them. Sometimes they were even misinformed.

Without any message to any somebody or profession, I have to thorn out that one much required maneuver that has to be interpreted is to movement the proof almost the underway treatments for malignant neoplastic disease. Let us be taught all the history available and let us ask these questions and find honest, unprejudiced answers. For all the surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy (and other than drugs) that have been administered to patients:

1. How galore patients have been cured?

2. How lots have benefited from the treatments?

3. What are the benefits and at what cost?

4. How many an died?

5. How frequent survived after one, two, three, v or ten years after the treatments?

6. How many siffered metastases of the liver, bone, lungs, etc.?

7. Is nearby any reciprocality involving the treatments they standard and the metastases that occurred?

Unfortunately, such answers delay leaving unidentifiable and not forthcoming. The strategy to hang on in this moneymaking cancer-treatment-business is to be as non-committal next to the genuine facts - be as unclear and equivocal as would-be in add-on to putt up a untruthful front part of "I-know-all" figurine.

"You patients don't ask too many questions. I am the one who know superfine and you righteous pursue my instructions."

Let me end next to this quotation:

"None are so red-blind as those who have sentiment and see not;

and none are so inattentive as those who have ears and hear not."

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