What happens when a Contractor performs tough grind or delivers service for a Customer, and the Customer doesn't pay? If he is smart, the Contractor files a Mechanic's Lien resistant the Customer. A Mechanic's Lien is a permissible course of action wherein a Contractor or Sub-Contractor can set down a security interest on a geographic area owner's definite material possession when that proprietor has spoilt to pay for services or products. That lien prevents the possessor from marketing or transferring the goods unless and until the lien is contented. The security interest is filed in the Court of Common Pleas of the region in which the non-paying place owner's geographic region is positioned.

In writ to directory a Mechanic's Lien, the Contractor essential set away all of the following:

(1) the footing of the contract;

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(2) the magnitude alleged to be due and owing;

(3) the mark of all parties up to your neck in the compact/transaction;

(4) the twenty-four hours of the flouting of the agreement; and

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(5) the geographic region site where on earth the work was realized. In decree for a builder to wallet a lien in Pennsylvania, he must do so within six

(6) months of the juncture that the profession was realized or the goods was delivered.

It is significant to cognise that a Sub-Contractor can profile a Mechanic's Lien resistant a homeowner as asymptomatic. This is a bit of a different script because it is normally the Contractor who is liable for paying the Sub-Contractor. In a state where the Sub-Contractor is due money, he can record a security interest in opposition the owner. If a Sub-Contractor wishes to record a Mechanic's Lien, he must first-year snap the chattels man of affairs cardinal (30) life formal notice, in writing, of his absorbed to do so. That interest must inform that he performed donkey work on the titled property, but that he hasn't been paying for his employment. The owner later essential pay the Sub-Contractor for his services, and try to re-coup the monies from the imaginative Contractor.

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